Life Line Across America

Life Line Across America's mission is to provide information and resources regarding the Lifeline and Link-Up programs, which provide discounts to low-income consumers for telephone installation and monthly bills.

Call 1-888-785-3723 or Click here to find out if you qualify>>

Talk too much?
With Voice Mail from Northern, you can talk as much as you want, without missing any important calls. You can also get your voice messages anywhere you can get your hands on a phone! Talk about convenience.

Like to screen calls?
With Caller ID from Northern, you can see who's calling before you pick up the phone. Your time is too precious to waste, so start screening today! Talk about convenience.

Phone Service and Rates

Business Service $16.00/month

Town Residential Service $14.00/month

Rural Residential Service $14.00/month

Additional Features
Caller ID $6.50/month
3 way calling $1.25/month
Touch tone $.50/month
Call forward $1.25/month
Voice mail $4.50/month
Referral messages (old # to new #) $3.00 for 3 months
Speed Dial Long (30#s) - $3.50/month or Short (8#s) $1.25/month
Teen line with distinctive ring $10/month
Toll denial $1.25

Small Package: Call waiting, call forward, 3 way calling, short speed dial $4.00/month

Additional charges
TDD: mo charge
911: $.50
USF: variable
Federal Excise Tax: variable

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