Northern Telephone Cooperative provides superior service at a great price - only 10 cents per minute*!

*.10/min rate applies to all calls in lower 48 United States. Calls can be made any time of the day and any day of the week.
.20/min to Canada and .14/min to Mexico.

Why Northern Long Distance?

Simplicity. No confusing rate plans or surprises on your bill. Only the low cost you were guaranteed.

Local Service. Nothing beats great local service and the comfort you have in knowing that we are here with you and for you when you need help or have problems.

Capital Credits. One of the unique things about a cooperative is that you actually make money (via capital credits) when the cooperative is profitable.

One bill. We like to make your life as simple as possible. Why pay for your communication services on multiple bills, when we can give them to you all one one simple statement?

No Telemarketing. You don't need to be bothered by another telemarketing call, so don't expect us to be calling any time soon to solicit our products or services.

Download and fill out our Long Distance Forms;
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