videoconfadBrining people see each other

Northern Telephone offers you state of the art videoconferencing through its affiliation with Vision Net. We have studios available for taking college and adult education classes in the Sunburst and Cut Bank High Schools. We also have additional studios in these towns for business conferences, interviews, family visits, and any number of other things you could imagine using the videoconferencing system for. Vision Net has been a leader in videoconferencing in the state of Montana delivering services to universities and K-12 schools, also connecting people across the world for legal depositions, job interviews and company training meetings.

We also offer you the ability to conference people together for business or pleasure using the traditional phone system. This innovative conferencing system allows the leader of a conference to use a web interface to monitor visually when participants enter and leave. It also has a separate volume control for each person on the conference, ability to remove intruders from the call, mute those who are adding too much background noise, as well as automatic scheduling and email notification to all participants. If you are interested in using this service, please contact us.

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